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We're All Just Doing the Best We Can.

Life is TOUGH, y'all. It's so, so good and warm and lovely and sparkly sometimes too, but it's also REALLY TOUGH. Let's take a quick look at some of the tough things, shall we??

Marriage. #Amen.

Work - at - home mamahood.

Work - outside- the - home mamahood.


Adulting. In general.

Balancing your day job with your side hustle.

Going on a road trip with a toddler who's potty-training. #blessit

Going to the grocery store with any number of humans under the age of 8. (not advisable- eat cereal.)

Apologizing and admitting when you're wrong. #yikes

Asking someone you've hurt for forgiveness. #ouch

Being an introvert and figuring out why people choose to call you on the phone when they could just as easily send you a text. #imnotanswering

Trusting your intuition when everyone around you has an unsolicited opinion about what you "should" do, who you "should" be, how you "should" parent, how many children (if any) you "should" house in your uterus, and how you "should" live. #mindyabusiness

The point is that being the best person you can be and trying to live a life that benefits someone other than just yourself is difficult enough. And we're all just doing our best to take things one day at a time, making the whole thing up as we go along. (At least we are over here at The Cade House.) We take bits of our childhood and bits of our parents and bits of our friends and bits of our coworkers and bits of our 1st grade teacher who was super nice and bits of our granny and bits of Full House and Family Matters and bits of 90's music and bits of Sunday dinner and bits of our first heartbreak and bits of our first apartment and our first job and our first car and our first love... And we smush them all together with the lessons they taught us and give our absolute best attempt at being somewhat functional and intelligent human beings with something valuable to contribute to society. And we hope and pray and cross our fingers and make wishes on dandelions and blow out candles and watch life unfold far too quickly before our eyes.

We're all the same, really. Those of us who seem to have it altogether and those of us who seem like train wrecks. Those of us who look put together at 8 am on a Saturday at a little league soccer game and those of us who look like hot messes that rolled out of bed and decided that a Starbucks drive- thru run on the way to said soccer game totally trumps concealing the bags under our eyes and these shades will do just fine. But at the end of the day, we're all just doing the best we can to be the best we can. And when we strip away all the things that try to divide us, separate us, pit us against each other, and make us feel the need to compete against one another, we see that there's enough sun for everyone. Every single one of us. Your gift will make room for you, so there's no need to feel threatened when someone else wins. Celebrate with them, cheer them on, show up at their party with bells on, because your time will come too. And celebrating them doesn't mean not celebrating you.

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