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Grace and the Perfect Rice Krispies Treats!


There is a whole lot going on right now.

It feels like the entire world shifted within a matter of days, disrupting all of our beloved schedules and routines and appointments and errands and jobs and 'normalcy.'

We're all feeling it, and as somebody's mama, I'm doing my absolute best to make sure that I am a safe place to land for Bean. That our home is a respite from the world of uncertainty swirling around us. That she feels seen and heard and held and secure in the midst of figuring out our new normal and what works best for our little family.

I'm doing my best, but I am far from perfect. The planner in me combined with my ADHD brain craves routine and color- coded calendars and post-its and labeled accordion file folders and office organization systems because I need to feel as though I have some sort of control over how my day will go. "Winging it" just doesn't work for me. It creates anxiety and confusion and overwhelm and I become someone I don't even recognize, someone who definitely is not my best self. This is something that self- awareness has taught me and I'm committed to using the coping skills I've acquired and staying true to who I am.

So here I am. Mama. Wife. Home school teacher. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner lady. Housekeeper. Nurse. Prayer warrior. Disciplinarian. Nurturer. Doing the best I can to manage my own feelings and provide the emotional stability my family needs right now. I don't always get it right. I get irritated. I lose my temper. I get tired of playing with blocks and kinetic sand and dolls. I get tired of redirecting. I get tired of reminding people to pick up after themselves. I get tired of watching the same episodes of The Magic School Bus. I get tired of being touched. I get tired of being interrupted when I'm trying to enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet. I get tired of being needed, constantly.

And those are the days I remind myself that I deserve the same amount of grace that I extend to others so willingly. I am human. I have feelings. I have limitations. I am not superhuman nor do I have to be. I will not get an A+ in every aspect of my life everyday. There are trade-offs. Priorities shift. Things happen that are outside of our control. And I will not beat myself up every time it happens. I will be kind to myself, I will be gentle with myself, and I will redirect my focus from perfection to grace. Not just for me, but for everyone around me.

No matter how much the world may try to capitalize on our differences and tear us apart, or publicize how women just can’t get along, I’ve come to learn from so many personal experiences, that when we lean into our truths and tell our stories, we are so much more alike than we are different. We are all human and when we see other women/ mamas as we see ourselves- flawed, TIRED, but trying our absolute best to feed all these kids, keep them alive, and help mold them into decent human beings- we can show love and mercy. We can replace all that judgement with grace. And that, sweet friends, is how we change the world. One kind word, one intentional gesture, and one “me too” at a time. That’s how we build relationships instead of walls. That’s how we make space for HEALING and LOVE and...

Desserts! We don't have to be perfect, but these Rice Krispies Treats sure are! There's nothing like buttery, ooey gooey Rice Krispies Treats to give you your WHOLE life and distract your children for a few precious moments. So today, I'm sharing my fave recipe with y'all, adapted from Life in the Lofthouse blog. Try it, loves. Your family will thank you!

Love Y'all,


THE BEST Rice Krispies Treats Ever

What You Need:

5 tablespoons butter 8 cups mini marshmallows, divided

2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract 6 cups Rice Krispies cereal 1/8 teaspoon salt (optional)

What To Do:

1. Line a 9 x 9 -inch pan with aluminum foil. Spray foil with non-stick cooking spray, set aside.

2. In a large pot, over medium-low heat, melt the butter. Once butter is melted add 6 cups mini marshmallows and salt (if using). Stir constantly until marshmallows are melted.

3. Remove from heat: stir in vanilla extract and Rice Krispies cereal. Stir until just barely coated in marshmallow mixture. Now stir in the remaining 2 cups of mini marshmallows until fully incorporated.

4. Pour mixture into prepared pan and press evenly into the pan. 5. Allow to cool completely before cutting into squares. Serve and enjoy!

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