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Make Family Night Memorable!

This blog post is sponsored by the Paper and Packaging- How Life Unfolds® campaign.


No matter how much we try to avoid it, our family is on the go A LOT. And the holidays are no exception. As soon as October comes, it seems like our already busy schedule kicks into OVERDRIVE, which can be extremely taxing if we’re not careful and intentional with how we spend our downtime. When the weeks are hectic and especially long, we look forward to weekends as opportunities to lean into each other and take some time to enjoy our favorite paper-based activities together.

It starts on Friday night. Friday night is Pizza and Family night at our house. Bean and I swing by the drive-thru at the pizza spot around the corner from our house to pick up our usual: large pepperoni pizza, family size Caesar salad, and an order of cinnamon sticks with vanilla icing! #whoopwhoop Then, we head back home to Daddy with our goodies and get ready for a night full of fun with our paper-based adventures! The energy we’re able to muster up after a long week typically determines what the night’s festivities will entail. Some of our options include:

● Paper activities (we love decorating and doing DIY paper crafts on our nights in!)

● Card games - Uno is our FAVE!

● Board games - Bean is a beast at CandyLand!

● Checkers

Bean is all kinds of creative. She can look at basic household items and imagine some of the most ingenious ways to repurpose them into something completely different. She’s fascinated with figuring out how things work - with taking things apart and finding new ways to put them back together. (This is why we totally gave up on baby-proofing the house when she started walking at 10 months: she outsmarted those pricey electrical outlet covers and baby gates, rendering them completely pointless and a waste of mama and daddy’s hard-earned dollars.)

For the past six months or so, she’s been obsessed with making art, crafts, and science experiments. And to my pleasant surprise, they’ve all been eco- friendly and basically free. Daddy and I are forbidden to throw away any toilet paper or paper towel roll tubes, cardboard boxes, or any type of paper-packing supplies that come in the mail. She’s used them to make jet-packs, robot costumes, binoculars, hotdogs for her food truck, sushi, sculptures, and she’s currently working on a “Kids’ County Fair” which will be made entirely of cardboard.

If you need any ideas for fun paper activities to try for your own Family Night, head on over to How Life Unfolds. They even have holiday-themed paper activities to do with your children that won’t break the bank! #sponsored #poweredbypaper

Lately, our weeknights and weekends have been occupied with assisting her in these ambitious endeavors and it has been nothing short of amazing. We’ve never laughed so much or had so much fun together. Our paper goods pantry and stock of art supplies may be empty, but my goodness y’all, our hearts are so incredibly full.

Love Y'all,



This blog post is sponsored by the Paper and Packaging – How Life Unfolds® campaign.

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