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Sometimes self-care means putting something on the shelf for a bit while you deal with other things that have a higher priority. And that's okay. Things have been unbelievably hectic around here, y'all. The best way this Southern Louisiana girl can describe it is... It was like being chased by a swarm of blood-sucking mosquitoes through an endless gator-infested swamp. Not a fun or desirable place to be, I promise. So, I took a break from blogging for a few weeks to just get a handle on life and all of it's unexpected curve balls.

Life isn't always easy, y'all. Some days you're elated and floating along on pillowy clouds with rainbows as you watch the sparkly unicorns frolic together happily. And other days, you're offering your first born to Jesus in exchange for just a few moments of rest and peace. #sorryBean Existing in this space can be extremely discouraging and you may be tempted to just throw up your hands and quit. Makes perfect sense, actually. Who wants to fight constantly for happiness and fulfillment, only to get knocked out, battered and bruised, OVER AND OVER AGAIN? Not me, that's for sure. Rocky IV is my favorite movie, (Scarface comes in as a close second) and every single time I watch it, I always say, "I could NEVER be a boxer! Who signs up to get hit all the time? You ain't gotta hit me but ONE good time and I'm sprinting all the way to the getaway car out back!" #nojoke

What if life isn't about fighting for happiness and peace, but rather doing your best, letting God handle the rest, and absorbing the light rather than fighting the darkness? What if it's about accepting that the tough times are the small price we pay for the life-changing joy that is on it's way to us? What if our time is better spent celebrating our current blessings as well as the ones to come with hearts of gratitude, hope, and expectancy. Because what is meant for you, you WILL have.

So all you've got to do is open your hands and heart and prepare your mind to receive all of the good that is coming your way. Because it IS coming...sooner than you think.

Love Y'all,


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