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Some very wise and clever person coined the phrase "analysis paralysis." It's a pleasant way of saying PROCRASTINATION. As someone who is quite familiar with the aforementioned "analysis paralysis," I would like to thank the person who gave a name to the invisible force I've been blaming for most of my adult years.

You know exactly what I'm talking about.

I've even got a real time example. I powered up my laptop to start this post nearly 3 hours ago. But I couldn't settle on a catchy title. So I decided if I was gonna have to think more about a title before I could get started, I should at least do it on a full stomach, because #brainfuel and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So I buttered and toasted an English muffin, and slathered it with some lovely, organic, locally-made apple butter and sat down in front of my laptop to write.

But then I remembered that load of laundry I needed to move over to the dryer. Up the stairs I go... Because if I don't do it NOW, the clothes will get all stinky and I'll have to wash them again on the heavy- duty cycle, which takes way longer and uses more water, detergent, and those lovely, yet extremely pricey scent beads. #okDowny So stopping and doing it NOW is not only a smart decision, but it's also economically sound and is saving the earth by reducing water waste all at the same time! #lookatGod

Then, there were:

  • Dishes to be unloaded and loaded into the dishwasher.

  • Oh wait, when was the last time the bed linens were washed?

  • Arghh... what's for dinner?? Lemme take something out of the freezer right quick.

  • Yipes! My hair is super dry. Today's a great day for a deep conditioning! #whatgoodfortune

  • I should probably switch over to a darker brown purse since it's November now.

  • What the....??? That's where that Chick- Fil- A coupon was this whole time!

  • Geez, is it time for lunch yet? If I leave now, I can beat the line in the Chick- Fil- A drive thru.

Procrastination kills, y'all. And the root of said procrastination in a nutshell is... FEAR.

That's the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I didn't really have to do all those things in that exact moment. But I was, and still am, SCARED.

  • What if I can't think of anything to write?

  • What if no one reads it?

  • What if it doesn't add value to anyone's life?

  • What if after reading this post, someone will wish they could get those 3 minutes of their life back?

  • What if what I intended to helpful ends up helping no one?

  • Does that mean I shouldn't be writing blogs much less anything else?

That inner critic is something else. And we've been together long enough for me to know that if I keep listening to her- I call her Felicia- I will never do anything, try anything, complete anything. Why?? Because as soon as I have an idea, as soon as an idea chooses me to express it, that doggone Felicia -who is an excellent research assistant, by the way- comes around with pie charts, graphs, Excel spreadsheets, alphabetized tables, and PowerPoint presentations complete with all the cool graphics of all the reasons IT WON'T WORK. And why it won't work. And who won't like it. And who won't support it. And all the other practical things that would be a more logical and efficient use of my time.

Although I'm no professional at this, I'm learning to become more comfortable with Felicia. I'm learning to stop resisting her and the fear she embodies. I'm learning that instead of wishing her away or pretending that she doesn't exist, embracing her with one arm and doing THE THING with the other is a much more beneficial use of my time and yours.




Because we can do hard things.

We can do terrifying things.

We can do things that defy all logic.

We can obey the calling on our lives that won't leave us alone.

We can accomplish the seemingly impossible.

We can do ANYTHING.

...As long as we accept that most times, we're just gonna have to Do. Them. SCARED.

Love Y'all,


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