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It's FINALLY Here!!!

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Y'all!!! The Fleur de Lis Speaks Blog is FINALLY up and running! I'm so excited to be able to share bits of myself, my sweet little family, lessons learned, and ALL THE THINGS self- care and self- love with y'all! !


But first things first: here's everything you ever needed to know about me... well, at least the most important parts. I was born and raised in the heart of Cajun country in New Iberia, Louisiana. Yup, all the crawfish etouffee, gumbo, red beans and rice, poboys, french bread, and king cake you can eat! Annndddd, I can cook it all. But please, PUHHLEASE, do not ask me for recipes. I was raised to cook by the "pour and taste" method. "Faith, how much creole seasoning do you put in gumbo?" As much as you need to make it taste right. "Well Faith, how long do you cook red beans? Cook them until they're soft and creamy and RIGHT. That's all I got. #shrug #sorryyall

I've survived swamp tours, massive mosquito attacks, and wrestled alligators. I am a Vanderbilt University educated school counselor and mental health therapist, a baker and pastry chef, and a food blogger, who shifted to writing notes on little pieces of torn handmade paper and authoring a guided journal that teaches the transformative power of self- care and self- love.

I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with my jack of all trades husband and extremely bright and inquisitive daughter who are happy to serve as my lifetime taste-testers. When I'm not cooking, reading, or writing, you can find me watching Scarface (favorite movie), Rocky IV, Guys Grocery Games, or documentaries on infamous mob bosses and drug cartels. #obsessed I appreciate Southern manners, a nice string of pearls, sweet tea, and I say “Bless Your Heart” a lot. I'm an excellent trivia partner as I know lots of random

and useless facts. I took penmanship for a grade until middle school, so my handwriting is on point, lol! I love soccer, I don't understand American football (I'm in charge of the snacks) , and I still cry when I get shots at the doctor's office. I love to read so I'm currently in the middle of about 9 different books! I am the proud author of Because You Are Worthy: 90 Days of Transformative Self-Love, a guided journal. I'll be releasing a new one soon, so go ahead and sign up to receive email notifications for important updates!

This year, let's focus on becoming the absolute BEST versions of ourselves and let's do it together. Everyone needs a tribe, and I'm beyond grateful to have you as a part of mine.

Love y'all!


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Faith Broussard Cade
Faith Broussard Cade
Feb 02, 2019

Thanks y’all! So nice to “meet” all of you and I’m so glad you can relate to my eclectic life!😂😂 Excited to get to know each other better!!


Jan 30, 2019



Jan 29, 2019

Nice to meet you!!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one with a healthy obsession of drug lords 😂 I’m so excited for your blog. Congratulations and thank you for your kind words and inspiration ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Jan 29, 2019

It is great to get to know more about you!💜 I have visited Alexandria, Louisiana and the mosquitoes are down right invaders! I hail from the "Mob hub" NJ, so we have common interests😁 Rocky was filmed 45 mins from my home😉 Nice to meet you Faith, 💜Patty

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