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6 Ways to Self- Care TODAY.

So lemme take a guess as to why you're here reading this post. Hmmm...

  • You've reheated your coffee for the 7th time this morning, because kids.

  • Your child walked right past her father, climbed up a flight of stairs to ask you to open a pack of fruit snacks and is now trying to squeeze that pack of fruit snacks to you through the crack of the bathroom door.

  • You've considered telling your children that their real mother lives in North Dakota and it's time to take a nice little drive to the airport. 

  • You've locked yourself in the pantry and are trying not to breathe because those little munchkins can find you ANYWHERE. They can literally SMELL you!

  • Your attempts at meal planning are epic failures because if by the grace of God you happen to drag 3 kids through the grocery store and make it out alive with a fraction of your sanity, you're too exhausted to cook by the time you get home and end up ordering pizza for dinner. They will also be having leftover pizza for breakfast in the morning, with fruit, of course. #balance

  • Your head is about to explode.

  • You just need a few minutes a day when no one is talking to you. #sorrynotsorry

Welp, you've come to the right place. You just need a little bit of mama self- care, and I'm happy to share some tips to help you get that time you deserve... with the least amount of kicking and screaming. 

So mamas, here are 6 Self- Care Tips just for you- Because #motherhoodaintforpunks , Y'all! Give em a try, and let me know what you think in the comments section below!

6 Self- Care Tips for Mamas

1. Immediately name any feelings of guilt that may come up about taking time for yourself. Because they will come up. You've been taking care of everyone else and neglecting yourself for years. This is something new- it might feel weird. Write those thoughts down in a journal, and move forward.

2. Start small and work your way up. Schedule at least 10 minutes each day just for you. Put it in your planner with fun stickers and exclamation points. Get excited about it! Look forward to it!

3. Protect that time slot like your life depends on it. Because it does. Your joyful, fulfilling, gratified life depends on it.

4. Timing is EVERYTHING! Choose wisely. Pick a time when you're least likely to be interrupted. I.e. Early morning, lunch break, kids' nap time, after kids are in bed, or while they're watching other kids play with toys on YouTube.) #eyeroll

5. Think about the things you might like to do during your alone time. Things that help you relax, make you happy, make you laugh, energize you, and motivate you. Activities that make you feel pampered, loved, taken care of, and grateful. You might consider pursuing a passion or hobby, starting a plan for that new venture you’re super excited about, eating a treat you’ve been craving, taking a warm bath with aromatherapy candles, reading a few pages of that book you've been waiting to dive into, or getting a shiny new planner with colorful pens and STICKERS to plan out #allthethings !! Because who doesn't LOVE stickers??!!

6. Be gracious with yourself. Just because you finally decide to make time for yourself, doesn't mean that it will be easy, comfortable, or some life- changing nirvana experience. Resist the temptation to think about the millions of things you need to get done or didn't get done. No rehearsing challenges from the day before. No brooding over loosing your patience with so and so. Make a note to apologize later and move on. No beating yourself up about that time you forgot to be the perfect mama. The laundry can wait. Cleaning out the pantry can wait. Waxing the hardwoods can wait. That thing you were supposed to do that you can't even remember can wait. Responding to that text can wait. But YOU, my dear, cannot wait. You've been waiting long enough.

I promise you- the more you do it, the more you'll enjoy it. But you gotta start somewhere! So let's do this, mamas!! 

Love Y'all soooo much,


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Beth Oster Steffaniak
Beth Oster Steffaniak
Mar 11, 2019

This is so important! It's like the encouragement on airplanes to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before putting it on our child. We have to have the strength to deal with their needs or everyone loses! Oh, and loved the humor too! Thanks for sharing, Faith and Brittany!


Mar 11, 2019

Hot dang! That last note was powerful! But I love the whole post. Good getting to know you. I clicked over from Brittany's blog. I wrote about self care (for wives and moms) this week, too, and I'd love for you to stop by and read it. I love meeting new friends! 😊


Mar 11, 2019

These are such great tips! I agree, sometimes there are things we can do with our kids in the room that can still result in us have a few minutes to relax!


Brittany Littlejohn Bonnaffons
Brittany Littlejohn Bonnaffons
Mar 04, 2019

This is so good! I love everything about it. Thank you for sharing these tips. I need them...all of them!!!

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