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Winter Time Fun!

This blog post is sponsored by the Paper & Packaging- How Life Unfolds® campaign.


Y'all! 2019 is almost over. OVER. I have no idea how this all happened right under my nose without me realizing it, but alas, the show must go on.

This time of year, there's always so much hustle and bustle. There are a million things to do to wrap up the current year and plan for the next. Welp, add a sick Bean to the mix, and things can get real hectic, REAL quick. Let's just say it's definitely the most CONTAGIOUS time of the year! Just about five minutes ago, Bean came up to me to ask me something, and while I was mid- sentence in my response, she sneezed. RIGHT. INTO. MY. MOUTH. So friends, if that's not an indication of the kind of togetherness we've been experiencing over here at the Cade House, I don't know what is. #blessit

Needless to say, we've been quarantined in the house for a while now, and we may be a bit loopy, but we sure have been having a ton of fun. We've been baking and putting together puzzles, playing board games, coloring, drawing, and making crafts! We looove to read and not only have we gone through all of our own books from Bean's bookshelf, but we also have a healthy "holds" list at 3 different library locations near our house. Being stuck at home sure does have its advantages and getting our fill of beautifully printed stories and illustrations is one of them!

We also have little mobile craft stations with crayons and blank paper in just about every room of our house and we are always drawing and coloring. Bean is a talented, budding artist, and her masterpieces seem to cover up the majority of our wall space around here, but we don’t mind. When she was younger, we would put her school crafts up on the fridge. It warmed our hearts when her eyes lit up at the sight of her own work on display. Well, fast forward a few years…we’ve run out of fridge space and now she’s old (and tall) enough to locate tape in the desk drawers and put her papers up on the walls. (Forget about the paint job; she’s making memories, haha!) Our home is covered in her art and her love.

What are some of your favorite paper books and crafts to share as a family? Please tell us in the comments section below. We're always looking for new treasures and fun activities to add to our list!! For more fun, paper- based craft ideas, go to

Wishing you all the absolute best holiday season filled with colorful family memories!



This blog post is sponsored by the Paper & Packaging- How Life Unfolds® campaign.

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