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About the Author

A Storyteller at Heart

Faith Broussard Cade was born and raised in the heart of Cajun country in New Iberia, Louisiana. She has survived swamp tours, massive mosquito attacks, and wrestled alligators. She is a Vanderbilt University educated school counselor and mental health  therapist, a baker and pastry chef, and a food blogger, and recently shifted to writing life-changing notes on little pieces of torn handmade paper and publishing a guided journal teaching the transformative power of self- care and self- love.


She lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with her jack-of- all trades husband and extremely bright and inquisitive daughter who are happy to serve as her lifetime taste-testers. When she isn’t cooking,   reading, or writing, you may find her watching Scarface, Rocky IV, Guys Grocery Games, or documentaries on infamous mob bosses and drug cartels. She appreciates   Southern manners, sweet tea, and says “Bless Your Heart” a lot. She’s an  excellent trivia partner as she knows lots of random and useless facts. She loves soccer, doesn’t understand American football, and still cries when she gets shots at the doctor. She is the author of  Because You Are Worthy: 90 Days of Transformative Self-Love, a guided journal.


    About her audience:

  •  Primarily female, ages 25-45

  • Married and single women

  •  Mothers who work both inside and outside of the home

  • Women of all educational levels

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